GST Tip – 154

Relevant date for the refund in case of export of goods by land is the date on which the goods pass the border and in the case of export of goods by post is the date on which the goods are dispatched by the concerned post office to place outside India

GST Tip – 153

For processing of refund relevant date plays a key and it determines the eligibility of the refund to be processed. The relevant date for goods exported by sea or air, is the date on which the goods are loaded on the ship or the date on which the goods leave India.


GST Tips – 152

The concerned officer who is approving the refund order may deduct the amount which is due to be paid to the applicant, if there are any amounts pending to the GST authorities in form of penalty or interest or late fee or any tax due and pay the balance amount if any remaining. The amount will be deducted only the same is not stayed by any court or tribunal.

GST Tip – 151

In the case of refund filed by the taxpayer for export of goods and services, the provisional refund will be issued within 7 days for 90% of the amount will be issued on accepting the application of the refund within 15 days from the filing of the refund application.  #GST #GST_Tips

GST Tip – 150

Taxpayers will apply for the refund of GST for any of the following reasons Excess balance in Cash ledger, Exports of goods or services, Supply of goods or services to SEZ/EOU, Assessment or provisional assessment or Appeal or Order No and for ITC accumulated due to inverted duty structure.

GST Tip – 149

Refund under GST can be claimed if there is balance in cash or in credit ledger after payment of tax, interest, penalty, fee or any other amounts payable under GST. Refund has to be filed online using the form FORM-GST-RFD-01.

GST Tip – 148

As per November 2016 Model GST Law, the taxpayer has to file for refund within 2 years in all cases except by United Nations Organization or any Multilateral Financial Institution and Organization notified under the United Nations (Privileges and Immunities) Act, 1947 (46 of 1947), Consulate or Embassy of foreign countries where the time limit is 6 months if they want to claim refund of tax paid by them on their inward supplies.