GST Tip – 229

As per the Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Note Rules, released for GST on 18th May 2017, the document issued like Tax Invoice, Bill of Supply, Receipt Voucher, Payment Voucher, Refund Voucher, Delivery Challan, Revised Tax Invoice, Debit / Credit Notes &  Tax Invoice in special cases should be unique for a financial year and the length should not exceed 16 characters.

2 thoughts on “GST Tip – 229

  1. Hi, Do you mean the invoice number must be <=16 characters? As per the field length configured in GSTN?

    *Thanks and Regards,*


    *Dy.Genl.Manager. Trg-I,*

    *% C.G.M., NATFM,BSNL,H**YDERABAD-500032.*

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