GST TIP – 449

E-way bill is required to be generated only where the value of the consignment exceeds Rs. 50000/-. For smaller value consignments, no e-way bill is required.

Value of exempted goods has been excluded from value of the consignment, for the purpose of e-way bill generation.

2 thoughts on “GST TIP – 449

  1. Hi Gupta,
    1. What is meant by consignment here? Let us say, I have a knocked down material, each knocked down consignment is less than 50,000; but the total invoice value is more than 50,000. In such case, do we need E-way bill for each consignment?
    2. I have multiple goods being shipped yo one customer, each with a invoice value less than 50,000; but the value of goods in the vehicle for a customer for a destination exceeds 50,000. Do we need E-way bill in such case?


    1. Nilesh, consignment here refers to the goods sent on a single invoice… If the invoice value is more than Rs 50,000 then e-waybill is required.
      Multiple invoices are issued and sent time for same customer then it wil unnecessary attract departments attention.. Better to send them through e-waybill


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