Advance Ruling means a written opinion or decision given by the competent authority with respect to transactions proposed to be undertaken or being carried out on the taxability of the transactions under GST by a person registered under the GST Act or willing to register under the GST Act. As per the Revised Kyoto Convention in 1999 and it is obligatory for all the members of the World Trade Organization to have a mechanism on Advance Ruling as per the provisions of Article 3 of the Agreement on the Trade Facilitation. The following are the differences between the Advance Ruling in the GST compared to the Advance Ruling under the Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax. For more details click here 

Check List for GST Audit

GST Audit Report, GSTR – 9C is required to be filed by all the taxpayers who has crossed the turnover of Rs 200 lacs during the year, Being the first year of GST and the implemented from the middle of the Financial year in 2017-18, there is a confusion for determining the turnover to be considered. Should be it for the complete financial year or from 1st of July 2017, the rollout date of GST. We would recommend to go for the complete year as there is no official communication in this matter. Check List for GST Audit