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GST Tip – 245

As per Final GST Returns, in Table 6 of GSTR – 1, data for exports / deemed exports and supplies to SEZ should be shown in this table. The columns related to CGST & SGST rates and amount, tax paid on the provisional basis, HSN Code and identification of line as the supply of goods or services have been dropped. Grouping of the data is to be done on the basis of exports / deemed exports or SEZ supplies in the new returns unlike the previous formats of exports with payment of GST and without payment of GST.

GST Tip – 244

As per the GST Return Formats, In table 5 of GSTR – 1, all inter-state outward supplies to B2C has to be shown here. Columns for Recipient’s State Code, Name of the Recipient, HSN Code, Classification of the line as the supply of Goods or Service and Tax paid on the Provisional basis.

GST Tip – 242

As per Transitional Rules, if a job worker or agent is not registered under GST, then the principal has to file FORM GST TRAN-1 within 90 days from the appointed date, the closing stock held in form of inputs, semi-finished goods or finished goods.

GST Tip – 241

As per Transitional Provisions, if goods are sent on sale or approval basis before the appointed date, the taxpayer has to submit the details of goods sent on sale or approval basis in FORM GST TRAN-1within 90 days from the appointed date.

GST Tip – 240

As per Transition Rules, an unregistered person claiming input tax credit of Central Excise on the opening stock as on the appointed day, have to file monthly return known as FORM GST TRAN 2 with details of the outwards supplies made for the tax period.