GST Tip – 134

In Annexe 2 of GSTR – 9B, the effective turnover per state (inward supplies ) has to be furnished and it is derived like this Total turnover as per financial statements ( as per financial statements) Less: Turnover pertaining to other States ( as per financial statements) Add: Turnover of stock transfer inward = Effective turnover for present State(Derived value)

GST Tip- 133

In Section B of Annex 2 of GSTR – 9B, the taxpayer has to show additional information which is not included in the Financial Statements like the amount has to be incurred by supplier but the recipient has paid the same, inward supplies at a reduced price, royalties or licence fee to be paid by the recipient but paid by the supplier, incidental expenses incurred by the supplier, out of pocket expenses, subsidies received or any other taxes or levied paid other that taxes under GST.

GST Tip – 132

In Annexe 2 of GSTR – 9B, the taxpayer has to furnish a reconciliation statement for the inward supplies made in a particular state to the financial statements with the following details, supplies for which consideration is paid, and under barter, supplies to related parties, transactions carried out as a pure agent or money exchanger and other supplier notified by the State and the Central Government from time to time, all these details should be provided in Section A.