GST Tip – 249

As per the GST Returns Final Formats, in Table 10 of the GSTR – 1, all the debit notes, credit notes, refund vouchers issued for the supplies made for the earlier period has to be shown here. This is for the B2C supplies with value than Rs 2.5 Lacs which are not included in Table 9.

GST Tip – 247

As per the Final GST Returns Formats, in table 8 of GSTR – 1, supplies for the month has to be classified as Nil Rated, GST Exempted and Non-GST Supplies have to be shown at a summary level for  B2B and B2C for interstate and intrastate.

GST Tip – 246

As per the Final Returns Formats, supplies to B2C have to be shown in Table 7 of GSTR – 1, grouped by Tax Rates only for Intrastate and Interstate supplies. In the case of interstate supplies, it has to be grouped by State Code and then by Tax Rates.  HSN Code /SAC Code along with Tax paid on provisional assessment from the old formats given in Table 7.

GST Tip – 244

As per the GST Return Formats, In table 5 of GSTR – 1, all inter-state outward supplies to B2C has to be shown here. Columns for Recipient’s State Code, Name of the Recipient, HSN Code, Classification of the line as the supply of Goods or Service and Tax paid on the Provisional basis.

GST Tip – 95

Supplies made through the e-commerce portals to Business to Consumer (B2C) should be shown in table Part 2 of Table 13 of GSTR – 1. The data shown here will not be considered for computation of the turnover as supplies B2C is already shown in Table 6 & 7. Ideally, there is no requirement to show data here separately, the merchant id issued by the e-commerce operator could be added in the tables 6 & 7 to avoid confusion to the tax payer.

GST Tip – 92

In GSTR – 1, all the supplies made to B2C ( Business to consumer) less than Rs 2.5 lacs in the month, for both Intra-state supplies and inter state supplies have to be shown in table 7 by HSN / SAC Code. The tax invoice number or customer name is not required to be shown in the return.