GST Tip – 362

As per Notification No.   45/2017 – Central Tax in Sub-rule 2 of Rule 54 in case of documents issued by a bank or financial institution, the words “tax invoice” is replaced by a new term known as “consolidated tax invoice” as the statement is issued for a period.



GST Tip – 336

As per Section 60 of the CGST Act, if a taxpayer is not able to determine the value of goods or services or both or determine the rate of tax applicable thereto, the taxpayer may request the proper officer to pay taxes on provisional basis by filing the return in FORM GST ASMT-01 ( as per rule 98 of the CGST Rules) giving reasons for payment of tax on a provisional basis.

GST Tip – 318

As per Rule 139, during the Inspection, Search or Seizure by the officer if it is not feasible to seize any such goods, the officer will issue an  order of prohibition in FORM GST INS-03 to the taxpayer, that the taxpayer  shall not remove, part with, or otherwise deal with the goods except with the previous permission of him i.e the officer.

Notification No 27/2017-Central Tax,dt. 30-08-2017

Government notifies E-Bay Rules wide  – Notification No 27/2017-Central Tax,dt. 30-08-2017.

The notification contains the various rules, exemption for E-waybill and formats for E-waybills.


GST Tip – 317

As per Rule 139 of the CGST Rules, during Inspection, Search or Seizure, if the officer finds that any of the documents, goods, books or any other thing liable for seizure, the things seized should be issued in FORM GST INS-02 to the taxpayer.

GST Tip – 315

As per Rule 46 of the CGST Rules, a registered taxpayer can issue a consolidated tax invoice at the end of the day if the transaction value is less than or equal to Rs 200 if the recipient does not require tax invoice or recipient is a non-registered taxpayer.