Error! Summary for Filing is not Generated or is not available at this time. Please try again later

Many of them are getting the “Error! Summary for Filing is not Generated or is not available at this time. Please try again later” while filing the GSTR – 1.  The error may be caused due to the database refresh issue.

This error can be removed by trying the following ways

  1. Go back to the return dashboard and then try to file the return again.
  2. Logout and log in once
  3. Try filing after some time

I have tried the first two options and it was working.


Attention taxpayers! Don’t wait for the last date, file GSTR-1, 2 and 3 within the prescribed period

The due dates for the return of GSTR have bee extended and now there are few Do’s and Dont’s issued by the Department. Please follow them.

Don’t wait for the last date, file GSTR-1, 2 and 3 within the prescribed period


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Extension of due date for filing of GST Returns

The due dates for the filing of GST Returns for the month of July and August 2017 have been extended.

Revised Dates

July 2017 Returns

GSTR – 1 : 10th Sep 2017

GSTR – 2 : 25th of Sep 2017

GSTR – 3 : 30th Sep 2017

August 2017 Returns

GSTR – 1 : 5th Oct  2017

GSTR – 2 : 10th Oct 2017

GSTR – 3 : 15th Oct 2017





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GST Tip – 289

All registered taxpayers have to file GSTR – 3B by 20th of August for the transactions related to the month of July 2017. The return is a summary return, unlike the other GST Returns which are to be filed at the transaction level. For more details on the impact visit my blog page –


Are we ready for the game ?

GST is rolled out from 1st of July 2017 and the trade and industry is able to adapt to the same with some teething troubles. Though all the issues are not resolved some of them are still and it takes some time to get resolved. One month has passed after the rollout of GST and now it is the time for filing of returns. The same is updated through a press release by CBEC on 18th June 2017 –

As there is a delay in filing of the returns, a new form is known as GSTR – 3B has been introduced and it has to be filed by 20th of Aug 2017. The format is released by the Government. It is basically a summary of the return for the month of July 2017 for determining the net tax liability to be paid. This statement looks simple but the challenge is on a careful review of the format it is clear that there is no provision for the opening balance of the input tax credit as of 30th June 2017. The reason is the GST Tran-1 form has to be filed within 90 days from the appointed date i.e 1st of July 2017. As a result of the closing balance of the Input Tax Credit will not be available for the taxpayers to use the same for payment of taxes for the month of July 2017.

This will have a huge impact on the cash flows as the tax payers have to pay in cash without using the available input tax credit and it is going to impact the MSME sector a lot especially for taxpayers who were not eligible to take registration under Central Excise in the erstwhile regime now they have to pay CGST.

The portal for the GST i.e is not having the option of filing of the GSTR – 3B as on date, that means the taxpayers have to wait for some more time for filing of the return. This time lag should be utilized by the taxpayers for renegotiating with their customer to receive the payments or at least for the tax amount. Alternatively, they have to look out for additional cash flow either through additional funding or increase their CC limits or another means.  The same is likely to continue for the next month also.

Managing of the working capital is one area and another is ensuring that the data required for the return filing is also in place. GSTR – 3B is an interim return and the actual returns for GST have to be filed by 10th of September i.e, GSTR – 1 by 5th September 2017 and GSTR – 2 by 10th September 2017.