GST Tip – 250

As per the latest GST Returns, In Table 11 A of GSTR – 1, advances received from the customers have to be shown rate wise for the interstate and intrastate grouped by the tax rate. Taxes on these will be added to be output tax liability.

GST Tip – 140

In Annex 8 of GSTR – 9b, a reconciliation statement for the refunds has to be provided between the financial statements and GSTR Returns. It has to show the opening balance of refunds to be received, refund claimed during the year, refund claim received during the years and refund claims to be received at end of the year.

GST Tip – 113

In the GSTR Returns, the matching of the buyers and sellers invoices is done in the following manner first by matching (a) GSTIN of the supplier (b) GSTIN of the recipient (c) Invoice/Debit Note date (d) Invoice/Debit Note number (e) Taxable value (f) Tax amount. If all attributes are matched, once supplier makes the payment of taxes, the same will be updated in the buyers Electronic Credit Ledger.