NIC Gepp-on Tool for e-invoice system with New Features

NIC is happy to release the application/tool, known as GePP-On, for entering invoices and generation of IRN.
This is a browser-desktop based application which can also be used on the mobile devices, without having
web application/portal. The application will internally talk to the e-Invoice APIs for all the functionalities.

This will be helpful for the taxpayers who have few invoices so that they can generate e-invoices
without going for any API integration. The application is designed with simple forms for entering the invoice
details. The application has all the features like : Generation of IRN, Cancellation of IRN, Generation
of EWB by IRN, Printing of e-Invoice with QR Code, creation of Recipient master and HSN master,
backup and restoration of his data etc. The application can also run in offline mode ie, when no internet
is available, the taxpayer can enter all the details of invoice and keep it ready. As and when the internet
is resumed, the invoice details can be submitted to the e-Invoice portal and IRNs can be generated.
Another important point is that all the data entered by the taxpayers such as invoice data, master data
are stored locally on the taxpayer’s system. The taxpayer can also backup and restore data on to another
system, if required.

Additionally, mobile apps are released for Android and iOS on the same lines as given above. The
taxpayer can download these on his mobile and use them accordingly.

There are around 9600 taxpayers who are already using NIC GePP-Tool for generation of IRN. The difference
between Gepp-Tool and GePP-On is that in the former, taxpayer enters the invoice details, generates JSON file
and uploads in the e-Invoice portal. Where as in the latter, the taxpayer can enter all the details and on click of a
button, IRN is generated. This will facilitate a large of number of small taxpayers in the coming days when the no.
of taxpayers is increased for e-invoicing.

Beta version of GePP-On is launched on the sandbox system for testing by the tax payers who are enabled for
e-invoice generation.

The tax payer can use the web login credentials to access this application.

Documentation can be accessed from here

After 15-20 days, it will be released on the production system.

Thank you,
NIC e-invoice Team