GST Tip – 403

As per Notification No. 60/2017 – Central Tax,  the last date for filing of Form GSTR – 5 by a non-resident taxable person for the periods July 2017, August 2017, September 2017, October 2017 by 11th Dec 2017.

GST Tip – 117

GST Tip – 117 : A non-resident taxable person is required to apply for registration at least 5 days prior the commencement of business in India in a trade show or an exhibition. The non-resident taxable person has to apply for registration filing the form “GST REG-10”.

GST Tip – 116

Under GST, a non-resident taxable person i.e a foreign person how is not having any fixed place of business in India has to obtain registration for the period of his business tenure in India, either in the capacity of principal or agent and file returns accordingly for the business transactions carried during that period i.e for inward / outward supply of goods and services and pay GST on it accordingly.