GST Tip – 259

The list of products on which Reverse Charge is applicable for the supply of goods is given in Notification No.4/2017-Central Tax (Rate), the products on which GST is applicable on reverse charge are Cashew nuts, not shelled or peeled, Bidi wrapper leaves (tendu) & Tobacco leaves if the supplier of goods is Agriculturist. If Silk yarn is being supplied by Any person who manufactures silk yarn from raw silk or silk worm cocoons for the supply of silk yarn, then the registered taxable person has to pay GST on Reverse Charge basis. In the case of supply of lottery tickets by state or local bodies GST on Reverse Charge is to be paid by the lottery distributor or selling agent.

GST Tip -193

As per the draft e-waybill rules, on the generation of the e-waybill on the common portal using the FORM GST INS-01, a unique e-waybill number (EBN) shall be made available to the supplier, recipient of goods and the transporter.

GST Tip – 191

The last set of FORM GST MIS forms as per GST Revised Returns Rules are FORM GST MIS-5 & FORM GST MIS-6. These are issued by the common portal if there is any discrepancy between the data of the supplier and the e-commerce portal uploaded in the respective returns. The discrepancy will be communicated to the supplier in FORM GST MIS-5 and the e -commerce operator in FORM GST MIS-6.

GST Tip – 180

As per the CGST Act, The time of supply for interest, late fee or penalty for delayed payment of any consideration is the date on which the payment is received by the supplier but not on the date on which the suppliers raises the debit note.

GST Tip- 133

In Section B of Annex 2 of GSTR – 9B, the taxpayer has to show additional information which is not included in the Financial Statements like the amount has to be incurred by supplier but the recipient has paid the same, inward supplies at a reduced price, royalties or licence fee to be paid by the recipient but paid by the supplier, incidental expenses incurred by the supplier, out of pocket expenses, subsidies received or any other taxes or levied paid other that taxes under GST.

GST Tip – 85

In GSTR – 1 all credit notes/debit notes issued by the supplier to the recipient on account of the difference in tax rate or taxable value or goods returned by the recipient. The credit note should have the reference of the original tax invoice

GST Tip – 84

The details of the corrections made by the recipient in his inward supplies return GSTR – 2 like additions, deletions and corrections will be made available to the supplier in the GSTR – 1A after 10th i.,e after the due date of filing of the GSTR – 1 by the supplier of goods or services.